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Helena Make-Up

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Helena Make-Up
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Here are some tips on how to do Helena's make-up.


Step 1: to get that pale look, apply foundation all over your face and apply a light colored powder. 

Step 2: take red eyeshadow and brush it on all the way to the crease of you eyelid. You also put a medium (but not thick) line of it underneath your bottom eyelashes.  dab it with your finger to blend it.

Step 3: right below your eyebrows, take the foundation or powder and lighten the red a bit.

Step 4: apply black eyeliner on the inside of your bottom eyelid only.  just a thin line, not too dark or too heavy.

Step 5: take black eyeshadow and apply it in the corners of your eyes near the temple. Make sure that it's dabbed with your fingertip and blended.

Step 6: apply black  mascara on your top eyelashes only.

You're set!




You can see that in natural light, her make-up is much more vivid and the red is much more bright.