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What's the Worst That I Can Say? Things are Better if I Stay

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Welcome to my site.

Ever since I first saw the music video for Helena, I always wanted her dress.  I created this site so that if you have the same goal, you can begin accomplishing it.  You will probably never see anything like it in stores, so I will take you through the steps of making it.  You will either need to know how to sew or have someone who does at hand.  I have taken pictures of her from the music video.   The study page is an overview of the dress.  It would be helpful to start there so you can decide how you will make your dress.  I have tons of photos to assist you.  Feel free to copy them and print them as needed.  The instructions page is currently under constuction, but I did put a sketch up of the dress. I hope this is at least some help to you!
xoxo Eryn


And here is one of the five the men responsible for creating the incredible song Helena with his poetic and powerful words, Gerard Way.

Please contact  me and let  me know what you think of this site.  If you have made a Helena dress, or any other type of costume and would like it displayed on this site, please email me at: